Quote of the Week – When is it an emergency?

This week’s Quote of the Week is unashamedly taken from a Twitter post…

I am on annual leave. If your issue is urgent, please either re-evaluate your idea of urgent, or consider whether email is an appropriate means to contact an anaesthetist in an emergency.

Very funny.

Have a great weekend all!

Can you do Marketing without being on Social Media?

Can you market your law firm or personal thought leadership without being on social media?

The fact that I’m writing this on a blog that will be shared on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook should probably give you my answer. But, Iffy Ibekwe recently wrote an interesting article on the Above The Law website on this very issue: ‘Marketing Without Social Media: Take a step back from social media marketing and try some other techniques‘.

A couple of the more interesting tips Iffy suggests include Contact Former Clients and Contact Your Centers Of Influence. I’m not entirely sure you can Offer Referral Incentives here in Australia, but in those jurisdictions where you that might also work.

One of the. more obvious ones I thought Iffy missed was join the local chapter of your Chamber of Commerce or a group such as Lions Club. You might also look at the Conference and Speaking Scene, and while you would be right to argue these require some social media work, typically this is done by the conference organiser.

So while I now have to agree that you could market yourself or your practice without being present and active on social media – why would you?