Quote of the Week – 11.11.2022

This week’s Quote of Week comes via Tom Curry, Managing Partner, Lenczner Slaght on Slaw – A Managing Partner’s Perspective on Legal Marketing:

I also think it’s important for lawyers to remember that marketing and business development is a long-term game and consistency is key. You never know when your efforts will pay off, but they absolutely will if you keep at it.

Tom Curry, Managing Partner, Lenczner Slaght

People never pay extra… …Only, they sometimes do.

People never pay extra.

They buy something they want at a price that feels fair to them.

Seth Godin – jUNE 7 2022

Wise words from Seth here, people never pay extra, they buy something they want at a price that feels fair to them.

Only, as we know, they do.

But, anyone who does that without evidencing the additional value being provided will, eventually, lose that client/customer.

Unless, as Seth goes on to say:

… that means that anyone who wants to charge a premium is going to have to offer quality, service, design and a feeling that it’s worth whatever is being charged.

Which means, every single day you need to be asking yourself: “What value did I add today?”

Because if you cannot answer that question in a highly competitive service driven industry, your chances of being around for much longer just got a whole lot shorter…


#ICYMI – Weekly Digest 317

Issue 317 of my Weekly Digest of all things going on in #legal #strategy #pricing #vbp #CRM #clients #customers #innovation was sent to subscribers earlier today. Check it out here.

What’s your budget?

Going to start this week off with some sage words by Seth Godin (again!):

But what’s your budget?

For those lawyers out there, I particularly liked this one:

Are you a perfectionist, unwilling to ship the work until someone is finally so frustrated, cornered or broke that they pry it from your hands?

Have a great week!

Meetings – who needs them!?

Really love this concept by professors Don A. Moore and Max H. Bazerman as outlined in their new book, Decision Leadership.

“Often the group can make a better decision without meeting to discuss: simply average everyone’s ratings of the options and choose the option with the highest ratings.”

Now that’s a meeting I’d attend!!

[Put my hands up here and say that I have not read their book yet, but the quote is taking from a June 21, 2022 article in Strategy+Business by Theodore Kinni – ‘To improve management, build a decision factory‘, which is well worth a read in its own right.]

Image credit: Benjamin Child on Unsplash