Silvia L. Coulter: The Five Big Questions Every Client Relationship Partner Must be Able to Answer

Love this post by Silvia L. Coulter on LawVision (‘The Five Big Questions Every Client Relationship Partner Must be Able to Answer‘).

The 5 questions are:

  1. What are the top three strategic growth objectives of the company overall?
  2. Where is the company spending its R&D dollars? Or, for service firms, research investment dollars and efforts?
  3. What is the biggest challenge the company anticipates as it looks toward the upcoming year?
  4. For what services is the client working with other outside counsel and for which of these services will they consider the client relationship partner’s firm?
  5. Who at the C-level of each client should we meet next?

Which many of us would be challenged to know the answer to – and to know how important those answers are, check out her post.

If you have any ideas about additional questions that need to be asked, let me know


Quote of the Week (16.09.22): 

This week’s Quote of the Week comes Julie A. Fleming, of whom I have been a long time reader:

A BD plan is only as good as the strategy that underlies it. Without strategy, a plan is just an uncoordinated task list of actions that you think will bring in more business, but the actions don’t function together or reinforce one another, nor are they pointed to a specific outcome other than more business.

Julie A. Fleming – on Strategic Planning


Should lawyers tell their clients to get a second opinion?

You often hear of medical patients getting a second opinion on the diagnoses they have been given, but how often do you hear a lawyer tell their client to seek a “second opinion“?

My guess – pretty rare.

But this is a topic raised in a post by Jordan Rotham on recently and certainly worthy of consideration. I particularly like Jordan’s comment that:

All told, no one likes to be judged by another professional, and it can be annoying to answer questions and furnish materials so a client can get a second opinion. However, attorneys and clients alike should be more open to second opinions so that lawyers can provide the best representation possible.

Enjoy the day everyone


Photo credit to  Steve Johnson on Unsplash

#ICYMI – Weekly Digest 320

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