Quote of the week – What is BD? (14.10.2022)

BD is the process of creating business opportunities—by opening new or expanding existing markets, or by developing new solutions or partnerships. BD Managers establish relationships with potential customers to identify qualified leads and influence requirements of future requests for proposals (RFPs). Capture Management, a cornerstone of BD, is the completion of actions needed to position the company to close the sale and win the contract.

Shot Selection: Choosing The Right Opportunities For Your Business & Increasing Your Ability To Bid And Win

Quote of the Week (16.09.22): 

This week’s Quote of the Week comes Julie A. Fleming, of whom I have been a long time reader:

A BD plan is only as good as the strategy that underlies it. Without strategy, a plan is just an uncoordinated task list of actions that you think will bring in more business, but the actions don’t function together or reinforce one another, nor are they pointed to a specific outcome other than more business.

Julie A. Fleming – on Strategic Planning