What are you charging me for?

For anyone with any interest in law firm pricing, yesterday’s post by BTI Consulting’s MadClientist was an absolute shocker on current law firm billing tactics. The post – ‘Law Firm Billing Breakdowns Go Bonkers‘ – sets out 6 current [alleged] billing tactics by law firms:

  • Retroactive rate increases
  • A new record in delayed billings
  • Ongoing and multiple rate increases
  • Who is that?
  • What AFA?
  • Sending bills for the amount of a rate increase

It might just be me, but this last one – ‘Sending bills for the amount of a rate increase’ – seems to come with some ethical issues attached:

Clients report receiving invoices for previously performed (and paid for) work to compensate law firms for the rate increases just as the work was winding down or for matters in process.

Read the post. If nothing else, it’s entertaining!

This is too difficult!!

If you ever hear a lawyer say: “This is too difficult, why did the client send this to me?“, then the answer can be found in today’s The Daily Stoic – 5/7:

If anyone could do it, it would have been assigned to someone else

Picture credit Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash