Quote of the Week – 02.12.2022

This week’s Quote of the Week actually comes from the fabulous ‘The Geek in Review‘ podcast. In this week’s episode, co-host (flying solo) interviews Alex Denne of Genie AI and Caroline Hill, Editor-in-Chief of Legal IT Insider on a recent article by Caroline that ‘63% of all legal contracts are gender-biased‘. It is a great interview, and you should listen to it.

However, the Quote of the Week – although a part of the podcast interview, is out of context as it relates to the last question Greg and Marlene Gebauer ask all guests at the end – ‘The Crystal Ball Question’.

And this week, at 37 minutes and 15 seconds, Caroline responds to this question with this:

Caroline Hill 37:15
So I think, perhaps, what you might not expect me to say, but I think my challenges are around culture. I think that there’s not enough change. I think that we talk about tech all the time, but I see lots of people talking about innovation, but actually, I don’t see very much change in terms of how real firms are structured in terms of the management in terms of, you know, obviously diversity being a part of that. And I think that, whilst we’ve got the same people doing the same things that we can’t really expect to really properly move on and innovate in the way that we should be. So for me, that’s, you know, that’s something that we’re now moving into hybrid working, right. So that’s going to be to, that’s going to be more of a challenge than ever, you know, and we really need the right culture to create, you know, to manage that situation as it needs to be met. It’s going to be a massive challenge from a tech and a culture perspective, really bringing on teams and you need leadership from the top. And what you’re seeing is leaders who actually want to just now work from home. And they’re telling their young team, they’re young ones to come into the office, right? There’s all sorts of there’s so many examples of how the culture needs to change. And until the culture changes, we can talk about tech till we are blue in the face. And we can talk about innovation till we’re blue in the face. But until the culture really changes until law firms start really being honest with themselves and probably corporate legal as well. I don’t think that much it’s going to not as much as it should change or change.

Okay, now read that again – then go and listen to Caroline say those actual words.

And that is my #QuoteoftheWeek


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