Are the days of legal directories numbered?

The honest answer is, unlikely.

BUT, it has been interesting, as a bye-stander, to follow the fallout from the decision by Yale and Harvard that they will no longer contribute to the US News & World Report’s annual rankings citing:

frustrations with the list’s methodology.

and that the annual rankings are:

…in conflict with commitments to diversity and affordability

Source: ‘Yale, Harvard and UC Berkeley law schools withdraw from US News rankings‘ in the Guardian

If this is the real reason these Unis are turning their backs on these annual rankings, kudos to them.

I should add though that I have read elsewhere that their already strong brand awareness allows them to make calls that other Unis simply cannot [financially] make – and I can see some truth to that.

Bringing it back to law firms though, as we enter into law directory and award submission season here in Australia over the next 3 or so months…

…should we be questioning why we are even doing this?

After all, how transparent is this submission process????

As usual, comments are my own.


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