Should lawyers blog or have a website?

Almost 10 years ago, when Apple were going hard on developing and expanding their App Store, I recall saying to my Managing Partner at that time that the days of websites were numbered and we needed to look for a new way to promote our expertise with our target audience.

Fast forward 10 years and I’m at a different law firm and websites are still very prominent as the online window for law firms to highlight their expertise – telling you that I know nothing!

Redemption, however, may still be mine!

In his excellent blog post today – ‘Solo Lawyers and Small Law Firms Better Off With a Blog Than a Website‘ – Kevin O’Keefe sets out many of the same reasons I had 10 years ago for why lawyers looking to build trust and a public profile should consider investing their time in blog over a website.

Redemption status – maybe. We will probably need to wait another 10 years to see if I achieve ‘validation’ status!

In the meantime, go take a read of Kevin’s post.

Image credit:  Florian Klauer  on Unslpashed

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