What is camaraderie to you?

Great post by Lisa Lang on Above The Law recently on the topic of ‘It Is Really Not About Where We Do The Work – It is about how we do the work.

In the post Lisa sets outs how she defines ‘Camaraderie’ as being:

“…a feeling of friendship and trust that can take hold and grow when people spend time working together.

  • It can help the team perform more efficiently.
  • It can improve team work by maximizing collaboration.
  • It can boost employee retention rates.”

I thought Lisa’s observation here was great.

An in-house lawyer, I also thought Lisa’s comment that building camaraderie requires intentionality spot on:

It is not about where we do the work. It is about how we do the work. It does not matter whether we are working in-person or in a remote environment. Building camaraderie is important, but it requires intentionality.

Enjoy the week everyone!

Photo credit to Hannah Busing on Unspalsh 

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